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Wednesday, February 16


The memory of walking down to the Seine with Rachel came to me strong from looking at this card. We had visited the Louvre and she was enchanted with the statuary and stone carvings. Rachel was fascinated with everything medieval, and to be in Paris and especially that museum was great for her. We walked to the river, hand in hand, stopping at a booth where a man sold crepes, and sat down with coffees at a bench along the bank. That's when she told me that she was really glad we were able to make that trip because she had cancer of the breast and didn't know how long she would live. I don't suppose it would have been reasonable for her to withhold this information from me until we got back to Washington, but it certainly put a dark cloud over our vacation. She's been dead now for three years. You never get over losing your wife, but sometimes the numbness is interrupted by a sight or sound which brings her memory back to me.

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