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Tuesday, June 17

New book on Amazon Kindle, SUNSET SOLARIS

There is a hacker in the Air Force Command Information Center at Fort Belvoir. General Bigsby calls on his Vietnam war buddy Mitch Hubbard to help him root out the culprit. Mitch, a retired Sheriff’s Investigator from Northern California who specializes in computer cases, assists Bigsby in uncovering the real problem: it’s an inside job.
            Their investigation leads them close to an even more sinister operation, when they stumble onto a group of terrorists importing shoulder-fired missiles destined to be launched on American targets.
            A combination of intuition, luck and coincidence gives Mitch Hubbard the edge in this complex tale, which leads the reader from the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, to the Federal Courts in San Francisco, to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, to a gangster trucking company in Brooklyn, and to Disney World.

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